Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Nursing in Bed Day

Well the other night I ended up in the ER. Found out I have a massive hernia and need surgery... but that is aside the point. I had to have a CT scan with contrast (wow was that interesting) which resulted in me having to feed Baby Girl thawed milk from the freezer and pump and dispose for the entire day of the 4th. So by the end of last night she was screaming bloody murder. It wasn't that she missed the milk since she was still getting my milk, but she missed me. Really being with me.
So today I did a nursing in bed day. I slept, nursed, ate, cuddled, played board games and basically just bonded with both my kids. I really must say it's been lovely. We missed the Farmer's Market today but honestly that's not so bad. It was worth it to just be Mommy. I got to watch my Bug write out all our names on a dry erase board, sounding out the letters of the names he didn't know how to spell already.I got to snuggle and read to them and just be there for them. All snuggled up in bed. Daddy even joined us for a game of battleship (which I won lol).
All in all I very much recommend a non sick day in bed with your kids. Especially if you are nursing. Nursing so badly takes it out of you especially before 6 month when you are exclusively breastfeeding. You get dehydrated and hungry and tired, spending a day in bed drinking lemon water and eating cucumber sandwiches can be the thing that makes you feel human again. The being with your kids all day snuggling is just an added bonus. Uh oh.. Nursling is crying... so I must cut this short. Try it out I think you will enjoy.

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