Monday, July 21, 2014

A Thought Popped Into My Head Today

River is now 7 weeks old. That was the age Aleks was when I first decided to start this blog. He was 9 weeks old when I first posted my first post but he was 7 weeks when I started creating it. Now almost 5 years later here I am with a new 7 weeks old baby and both I and this blog have gone through a lot in 5 years. We have had just under 55,000 hits, we have tons of subscribed readers. I have written about countless topics ranging from breastfeeding to compost to gender roles, and everything in between. Now I can look forward to sharing with you all new adventures as the once tiny 7 week old that you all know and love now enters Kindergarten and a new 7 week old is here with all new adventures ahead of her. I hope you all keep reading and I hope I continue to change minds and touch hearts.

Aleks 7 wks
River 7 wks

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