Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Surgery?

Yesterday I got the unpleasant news that I absolutely will have to have another surgery, and that it will be no small thing. In 4 years my previously perfect body (perfect in that I had never had a surgery, broken bone, or even cavity in my teeth) has undergone 5 surgeries 4 of which were kind of big. This will be number 6. All have been a side effect of motherhood. The first one was Bug's c section. The second a removal and biopsy of  a mole that had suddenly grown to the size of a dime because of my pregnancy. The third was my D and C after we lost Asya, not to remove her but 17 weeks after she was born sleeping to remove leftover placenta. The 4th was River's c section. The fifth was my tubal ligation.The sixth will be a mesh repair of a massive umbilical hernia and abdominal something... I want to say he said rupture...anyway the basics are that once again this mommy is going under the knife. Once again it will be 6 weeks of recovery. I will have to stay over night and be away from my new born for the first time ever. I am a bit nervous to say the least. Motherhood takes it's mental toll that is for sure but I don't think people realize the physical toll of carrying a child for 9 months, of TTC, or infertility treatments, of miscarrying, of a still birth, of a d and c, of labor, of giving birth, of a c section, of breastfeeding, and the hormonal changes. It is crazy when you really think about what women go through to bring life into this world. What  crazy things we allow to happen to our bodies or do willingly to see that beautiful face at the end of it. Then even afterwards how many women end up with uterus repair surgery, or hysterectomies, or tubal ligation, or gall bladdar removal, or umbilical hernia surgery. What we do to our bodies is the equivalent of playing some truly dangerous sport with no padding or helmet.
The best part though is we don't even think twice. We walk away from the rubble, limping and bloody and we don't even notice the pain. All we see is the baby. All we see is we created life! And you know what?
It's so freaking worth it!

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