Friday, January 31, 2014

1st Week of Homeschool

Well we just finished up our first week of homeschool. Bug loved it!!! We had a blast. Unfortunately the calendar and days of the week and weather chart I ordered haven't arrived yet, but we still did circle time every morning just with songs, and he told me the weather outside by just looking out the window.
This week's unit was counting by 2's, Weather, Groundhog Day, W words, and Seasons. We had a lot of fun. We read books about why leaves change, why weather happens, and Groundhog Day. We found songs about the seasons and the weather. We did worksheets of all types on all our subjects, and we had fun counting by 2's.
So here are a few of the worksheets we found and did. Next week I hope to do more cut and paste and art project style activities but this week I forgot to by some of the art supplies we are sorely lacking (including glue sticks).
Here is our W words worksheets. I found out this week apparently my kid hates coloring... who knew? So after we did this one I promised no more coloring sheets. That from now on we would only do actual activity worksheets.

Here are our Groundhog Day themed worksheets. He did a connect the dots by the letters of the Alphabet, answered counting questions about groundhogs, and drew a groundhog coming out of his burrow and answered the question "My Prediction For Groundhog Day 2014 Is" He said that if the groundhog had a long tail it would not see it's shadow but that if the groundhog had a short tail it would.

Here are the weather and seasons worksheets we did. He did two matching ones, all of which he got right. The last one was to draw the weather for each season. He drew a tree with changing leaves, a beach scene, snow, and a cloudy rain storm.

All in all we had a great week. I can't wait until next week. Homeschool is really amazing. I love working one on one with Bug. He is loving it too. As for socialization, he has 3 birthday parties to go to over the next three weekends, and a few playdates in the works, and a standing playdate for the playground every couple of days come spring. I think all in all this was the best choice we could of ever made.

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