Thursday, January 9, 2014

20 Weeks

Well I have been super busy the last few weeks. Between Christmas, Yule, New Years, the 1st anniversary of the death of my Grandmother and then add in several pregnancy complications and illnesses and a fall, we have been very busy. I still am going to do a post about all the homemade Christmas gifts I made this year, especially now that most everyone has gotten theirs. I also plan to start doing gardening posts of course since it is now halfway through January and it's the time to start seeds. And of course January is as always Breastfeeding Prejudice Awareness Month here at the Green Mommy, so I will be getting on some posts about that as well, but today, right now, I only have one thing on my mind. I am 20 weeks pregnant! I am halfway! I have made it this far! After 5 years, 5 pregnancies, 1 child, 3 losses (one just under stillbirth age), a 17 week long horrendous miscarriage, surgery, and this being our fifth and last try... I am finally 20 weeks pregnant again, and very very hopeful that this happily growing little one will be our Rainbow Baby. I know that even though we are now 20 weeks anything can happen and while still birth is less common than miscarriage, it still occurs quite often. So I am still trying to keep my feet on the ground but I am hopeful. I deserve to at least have hope. So for all of you rooting for us, please keep praying and cheering us on because so far it is working. :D

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