Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bug's Curriculum For Homeschooling

I thought I would share this in case anyone was wondering what our plan was, or if they would like ideas for their own, or to give me pointers. 

Week 1: January 27-31
Weather, types and causes, and seasons. Groundhog Day.
The letter W. W words.
Counting by 2.

February 2nd : Groundhog Day

Week 2: February 3-7
Honesty, Good Manners, Why we makes laws and rules.
The letter H. H Words.

Week 3: February 10-14
Valentine's Day. Kindness and love. Friendship and Charity.
The Letter V. V Words.

February 14th :Valentine's Day

Week 4: February 17-21
Plants, life cycle, types and parts.
The Letter P. P Words.
Starting seeds for our garden.

Week 5: February 24-28
Matter stages. How Ice becomes Water and Water becomes Steam.
The Letter X. X words.

March 2nd : Dr. Seuss Day

Week 6: March 3-7
Dr. Seuss. Books and activities related to him.
The Letter S. S words.
Counting by 10.

Week 7: March 10-14
Dinosaurs. Types and how they lived, how they lead to birds.
The Letter D. D Words.
Trackways and footprints. How we find fossils.

Week 8: March 8-17
St. Patrick’s Day and Leprechauns.
The Letter L. L Words.
Refraction and how Rainbows work.

March 17th : St. Patrick's Day

Week 9: March 24-28
Zoo Animals. Animals from other lands. Conservation and Endangered Species.
The Letter Z. Z Words.
Animal fur patterns.

Week 10: March 31- April 4
Week Off from School For Baby Shower Prep

April 5th : Baby Shower

Week 11: April 7-11
Oceans and sea creatures.
The Letter O. O Words.
Buoyancy Experiments.

Week 12: April 14-18
Easter. All about Spring and Easter.
The Letter E. E Words.
Eggsperiments with egg dying and hard boiling.

April 20th : Easter

Week 13: April 21-25
Recycling, Reusing, Upcycling, Earth Day.
The Letter U. U Words.
Cleaning up the Town. Earth Day Garbage Walk.

April 22nd : Earth Day

Week 14: April 28-May 2
Royalty and Kingdoms of Old. Types of Countries and Governments.
The Letter Q. Q Words.
Currency. Counting Money.

Week 15: May 5-9
Insects, Bugs and Crawly things.
The Letter I. I Words.
Identification and intro to Taxonomy.

Week 16: May 12-16
Babies. Both Human and Animal. How to care for them. How mommies take care of their young.
The Letter B. B Words.
Diaper Changing 101.

Week 17: May 19-23
Families. How different cultures form different families. How siblings interact. Kids.
The Letter K. K Words.

Week 18: May 26-30
Week Off from school for birth of baby.

May 26th : Memorial Day

May 29th : C Section date. Birth of Baby.

Week 19: June 2-6
Baby Time off... possibly start Garden.

Week 20: June 9-13
Gardening. Planting and caring for a garden. Starting our pond too.
The Letter G. G Words.
Spacing plants, counting seeds.

Week 21: June 16-20
Rivers and Fish. Local Aquatic life. Ecosystems.
The Letter F. F words.
Finding local aquatic life. Field trip to the river.

Week 22: 23-27
Local Animals of the North Country.
The Letter A. A Words.
Looking for local wildlife.

Week 23: June 30- July 4
Forth of July. History of America.
The Letter J. J Words.

July 4th : Independence Day

Week 24: July 7-11
Camping and Outdoor Survival.
The Letter C. C Words.
Field Trip: Backyard Camping.

Week 25: July 14-18
Rainforests. Why they are dying off, and why they are so important. Life in a Rainforest.
The Letter R. R Words.
Adding under 10.

Week 26: July 21-25
Reptiles and Amphibians.
The Letter T. T Words.
Subtracting Under 10.

Week 27: July 28- August 1
Birds and Nests. How Birds live, both flighted and flightless.
The Letter N. N Words.

Week 28: August 4-8
Birthdays and Anniversaries. Why we celebrate things. Marriage and why people get married.
The letter M. M Words.

August 5th : Our 8th Anniversary

Week 29: August 11-15
All About YOU! All About Bug.
The Letter Y. Y Words.
Measuring Height and Weight. Growth.

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