Monday, March 5, 2012

WAHM? Not Always.... Who is really making your "handmade products"?

As you all know, the Green Mommy (me) hand makes all the products that are in this blog and in my FB page/store. I try to use as many green and locally made materials as I can and almost always support local businesses. Many are made to order with the wishes of the buyer taken into consideration. I never and will never buy items wholesale overseas and resell them.That being said... many don't do this. I recently have become aware of many so called WAHM (work at home mom) companies which sell Chinese and overseas made merchandise at a huge markup and either change the snaps or the tags or just a few things and call it "hand made".
Most of these companies either sell diapers or leg warmers, though many sell crocheted hats, knitted baby clothes, and even cloth baby shoes. I recently had to ask a girl to leave my cloth diapering group on FB because she was reselling overseas diapers for a markup and calling them WAHM made. Her company is called G-Bug Fluff Diapers. Please do not support this woman. Another such company is Oh Fancy Baby Diapers. This company is even more insidious because she changes the colors of the snaps on overseas diapers and then calls them handmade. This is another one to stay away from. I can not remember the names of all the companies  that I have come across that do this... but honestly it is up to you as the consumer to become aware of what you purchase.. sadly there is a massive counterfeit arm of the cloth diapering and handmade children's clothing and toy world and it is up to us as consumer to be aware. Please as a crafter and Green Mommy who works very hard on each piece of merchandise I create, please only support companies who are honest. I have no issues with buying from overseas... but buy directly from them without giving more money to liars.

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