Monday, March 5, 2012

Green Mommy Birthing Dolls

A few days ago a friend of mine and fellow green mommy showed me some interesting dolls. They are called Mamamour Dolls and they are amazing. Truly. They are breastfeeding and birthing dolls that come with a baby and for a little more you can buy a ring sling for your doll too. I absolutely fell in love with them but at the asking price of 175-190 a piece ring sling not included... I could not buy one. So I set out instead to make one. So over the weekend I created my first Green Mommy Doll. At first it started as an experiment to see if I even could do it, and to make one for the friend who showed me the dolls, but quickly turned into many people asking to buy one. So I thought about it, weighed how much supplies would cost me.. and what I could do and settled on a price of 60$ for just a breastfeeding doll and 75$ for a full breastfeeding and birthing doll. I do not want my dolls to be a straight copy of her dolls but I hope to develop them to have my own style and touch, though the first one came out a bit like a copy. I also am offering the ringslings free of charge with each doll. I do not know how many orders I can take at a time since I am but one person.. but I will take them as they come.  So without further ado.. here is the very first Green Mommy Birthing and Breastfeeding Doll.
I haven't made her shoes or sweater yet but she has snap nipples and the baby has a snap mouth for breastfeeding, she has a cute dress and adorable ringsling, she has brown, blue and green hair, and she has a birthing stomach and her baby comes with a detachable umbilical cord and placenta.
Here she is before she had a face or clothes or a baby or the birthing stomach.
Here is an idea of how big she is.. she stands at 20 inches tall.. I was shooting for the 18 inches of the Mamamour Dolls but I think my pattern that I cam up with ended up a tad bigger.. she is super tall though.. about the size of most large nb babies.
Here she is giving birth...
The umbilical cord and placenta attach with a snap to the babies belly button.
She breastfeeds through slits in her nursing dress.

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