Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Like a Lion... Out Like a Lamb....

This has been the oddest March I can ever remember. We live about as far North as you can get in the USA without crossing over into Canada, but even saying that we very rarely have a March where there is snow unless it has already been on the ground and is melting slowly. But neither do we get temperatures above 50 at the absolute highest. 
Well this March started like this:

And a mere two weeks later we have this:

Shorts and tee-shirts, and sundresses are the fashion for this weekend when it hit a high of 78 degrees today here in the North-country.
I am not complaining at all though. I managed to finish getting in the garden and planted all the plants in pots until I am sure it will stay warm enough to put them in the garden. Right now having them in pots I can bring them in if need be.
All in all though we had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. The Garden looks awesome so far, the marigolds are planted, the daylillies are up and icecream cones were eaten on the lawn. I hope everyone is enjoying this odd but fun March. 

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