Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mayim Bialik: A voice for Attachment Parents everywhere

When I was little (about 7) there was a show on the air, Blossom.
Actress Mayim Bialik played Blossom on the show and she was my role model. I looooooved Blossom. I wanted to dress like her, act like her. I even had the Blossom, Six and Joey dolls. I had hats like she had and even wore an awful lot of denim skirts and long socks. She was who I wanted to be.
Then of course I grew up and the name Mayim Bialik sort of vanished from my memory, until that is one day when I was watching one of my all time favorite geektastic shows, the Big Bang Theory. I turned to my husband and said "why does she look so familiar?" In .02 seconds he had IMDBed the episode and scanning her name he said "Oh She was Blossom!" My jaw dropped. I felt like a little kid again. So reeling in my fangirlness, I enjoyed that first episode and enjoyed it even more when her new character Amy Farah Fowler became a recurring cast member.
Then last night an interview popped up on one of my AP Mom groups. I immediately was intrigued as to what Mayim Bialik had to do with Attachment Parenting. As it turns out- a lot! A whole lot! Mayim herself, like her character on TBBT, has a PHD in Neurobiology. I also did not know that. Yay Bio girls!!! (in case you are new to this blog I have a bio degree and am debating which area I would like to go for my PHD in someday. I am thinking Limnology.) Mayim also just wrote a book on AP. The book is available all over and is called "Beyond the Sling". I am so excited to read it. I since last night have spent a good chunk of time reading interviews with her, watching video posts of hers and basically learning all I can about this mother of two boys who raised them so far 100% AP.
 Mayim and her husband unschool (homeschooling but with no set curriculum), they do not diaper, they have a family bed, they are vegan and cook at home. They do not live extravagantly, instead they shop a lot like my husband and I do, at thrift stores, second hand shops, and farmer's markets. Her husband is a stay at home Dad, which is our plan too as soon as I can get a good enough job in the Biology world. Basically except for us not being Vegan (I am slowly buying almost all our meat, eggs and fish locally sourced and free range.. it is taking longer than I would have liked to figure it all out. We did however just cut all animal milk out of our family diet and switched instead to Almond Milk. No soy milk of course, that stuff is lethal through and through.) and that we chose cloth diapers instead of no diapers, we are so similar. Our hubbies even look a little alike. :)
So alas I find my fangirlness rising again, but this time for her achievements as a mother, a writer and a biologist and not just for making me laugh on Thursday nights. I would just love to somehow have her do an interview for the blog here.. but that is probably too high a dream. I do have to say though, as someone who long ago walked away from celebrities as anything to admire... must now retract that. I long ago admired one that now as an adult I not only admire but now see is a worthy face of Attachment Parenting to a world that often does not understand us.
Mayim Bialik if you ever read this I can't help it.. you are wonderful.

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