Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bug's Dinosaur Room: Finished!

So in all the excitement of the new baby I forgot to share our other big news. Bug's dino room is done. I finished Christmas Day. There are a few places where I still need to paint or touch up the paint but with me being pregnant I thought it was best to wait until spring when I can open the window while I paint.
So anyway here are the pictures.
 This is his bed and toybox, both of which I painted, along with some of the dino decals we got.

 This is his new computer (a gift from his godparents, don't worry it's a used one), his new school desk (a gift from his grandparents) and of course his dino collection.

 This decal was made for us by Rogue Decals.

 These are the most awesome things in the room. These were the priciest additions but worth it. They are called Curtain Critters. 

 Here is his books, kitchen and Dinosaur Train framed pictures that I made him.

 Here is his dino chair I redid for his birthday, his Dinosaur Train clock I made him, and his two dressers, the green one I painted.

And here is most of the room. Here you can see the curtains. The green panels were store bought, the valance I made him. It matches the blanket and pillow on his bed that I also made.

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