Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Long Fought Green Battle...Won!

So we all as Green Mommies have that one thing.. that totally ungreen thing that we still haven't stopped doing, be it a gas guzzling car we haven't upgraded or those paper towels we can't give up.
In my life it was bottled water.
Now you may be shocked, could a woman who even makes her own cloth maxi pads really still buy bottled water. The answer is yes and here is why....
A few years ago before I was the Green Mommy (before I was a Mommy at all), and was just a very green newlywed, my hubby was addicted to and I mean had a serious issue with coke.
Now I am not talking about the powdery white drug... I am talking about the brown sugary soda drink of death. He used to buy a 2 liter bottle every day and drink the whole thing. Now as a kid I never drank soda.... at all. It was not allowed and as an adult I so rarely drank it. I was the kid who in college would drink milk or soy milk instead of soda even though it cost more. So as a newlywed I was shocked to realize just HOW MUCH soda my husband was drinking. So I slowly got him to cut down by allowing us to buy bottled water. Slowly over 2-3 years I got him down from 2 liters a day to none at all. Hubby now drinks soda very rarely on special occasions.
But now I had a new issue. By now we were parents and I had started this blog and was on a path to make our lives greener and greener everyday. Bottled water became a thorn in my side on so many levels. First were the bottles all over the house. They were everywhere. Once a week I would bring them all to the recycling bin but they kept piling up everywhere. Second was the green side... of all that plastic. We always bought the greenest bottles we could and of course recycled them but still.... so much added plastic. Third was the dioxins in the bottles. Forth was of course the cost. I begged to switch to brita but it never seemed to work out. Hubby needed ready access to a bottle of filtered water.
Then we found these:

We love them. The water tastes just like bottled but without the long waits for a pitcher to pour through or buying store bought bottled water. You just fill and drink. the filters last 2 months or 256 fills. So this Green Mommy finally finally has done away with the last big ungreen thing in my life. I finally won the battle. We are a bottled water free house!
So what ungreen things do you still battle with? I would love to hear from my readers.

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