Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recycling: Taking Old to Make New

So last night me and my hubby finally jumped on the scentsy train. I have wanted one for lord knows how long but I never could bring myself to order through the actual company Scentsy because their prices were insane. So after a few years I had forgotten about them until I was at my MIL house and she had a really pretty one. So I started keeping an eye out again for knock off ones. Turns out most discount stores now carry knock off versions. We found ours at Walmart  Yes I know... I should have bought it some place else but honestly it wasn't a matter of just a few dollars... this one was 15$ whereas the actual scentsy ones are 37-45$. Every dollar counts.

So I decided, harking back to something I found on pinterest awhile ago, to make my own scentsy inserts.

By melting down all our scented candles (of which we had a ton) in a water bath. This part smelled wonderful depending on which scents you were melting down at which time.

Then pour the wax into icecube trays to make perfectly sized scentsy scent cubes. This part was  a bit hard to do and can get messy. Once they are solid, wait a few hours or stick them in the refrigerator  then you can make more.

All in all it turned out rather well. I ended up with close to if I had to estimate the equivilant of 30-40 scentsy refill kits which even at the Walmart price of 2.00$ each saved us 80$.

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