Sunday, November 25, 2012

The First Ever Gentle Parenting Coloring Book

Today Joni Rae, better known as The Kitchen Witch, introduced her newest work of art, a 15 page coloring book filled with beautifully drawn pictures of mothers giving birth in water tubs or on beds, being cared for by midwives, breastfeeding, tandem nursing, bonding with their kids, sharing birth with older children, sharing breastfeeding with older children, bedsharing, baby wearing, organic gardening, composting etc. I had to buy it.. after getting AF today I was feeling pretty low. I needed something happy to keep my spirits up and the front cover and first page had a picture that did just that. It was a picture of a mom who looked just like me with her 3-4 yr old son hugging her very pregnant belly. It gave me hope. I love love this book. I printed out all the pics and Bug and I sat down with crayons and colored all evening. I just can not express enough the joy of coloring pictures depicting our life. Parents who do the same things everyday that we did or do. I think the only thing missing was babies in cloth dipes... though maybe I just missed it. Actually no the picture of the family bedsharing has a visible cloth dipe on the baby. So even that is covered. I just absolutely LOVE this book. Can you tell? LOL. Anyhow if you would like one too go here.


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