Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3rd Green Tip

This one I got from an article I read in First Magazine. Don't throw out your used egg shells. Collect them and store them in a dry place. Then you can use them in all sorts of ways.
1. Compost them: This adds calcium to you compost which with enrich your soil.
2. Make a Face Mask: crush them into a powder and whisk them with egg whites and apply to face. Let dry and then rinse off with warm water. This rejuvenates your skin.
3. Soothe joints: crush them into powder and then dissolve them with vinegar. After a few days they will be dissolved. Then apply to hands and rub into joints.
4. Make better coffee: For this one make sure they were rinsed before you dried them. Then crush them into powder and mix in your coffee grounds. The calcium will neutralise some of the acid taste and makes for a better cup of coffee.
There were many more but I can't remember them all. The basic point though is something so natural can benefit you in so many ways. Why just throw it out? Reuse!!!

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