Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day!!!!!

So despite being ill and being swamped with school work, a messy house, and a toddler, I somehow managed to get all the preparations for Easter weekend done as well as of course Earth Day!
Today is Earth Day 2011, and at least here it is a "balmy" 55 degrees out and sunny! Me and Bug got up early and got dressed, had breakfast and then headed out the door arming the stroller with a 30 gallon trash bag,

antibacterial sanitizer,

 coffee, and my camera. 
We walked all through town and the parks collecting litter from all over. Bug even helped throw some trash away.

Then we went to see the waterfalls.

Bug decided splashing in the overflow was more fun than staying dry.

In the end we ended up with an entire 30 gallon bag full of trash!

I will post more later after we finish setting up our compost bin. Happy Earth Day everyone!

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