Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Friendly Easter

We here in the Green Mommy house have 4 Easters this year. Two tomorrow and two Sunday. Between Earth Day preparations and Easter preparations I have been very busy. Now that everything is set for this weekend and I have some time to Blog I can finally talk about how to have a Earth Friendly Easter.
Here are some of the things we do to help cut back on waste every Easter.
1. We use the same baskets every year.
2. We use the same plastic eggs every year.
3. We use shredded paper or tissue paper instead of plastic grass.
4. We buy bulk candy or bulk snacks instead of prewrapped stuff. Then you can put them in the plastic eggs.
5. We buy 75% healthy (mostly organic) dried fruit, candied nuts, roasted nuts, and chocolate covered pretzels and sun flowers seeds rather than candy.
6. Any toy treats are educational.
7. Bug gets a lot of gifts from birthdays and other holidays that sometimes get lost in the shuffle or unnoticed and even unopened. Those get bagged away for Easter Basket treats.
8. All other Easter treats are homemade.
9. Dying eggs we make sure we find kits that use food coloring and non toxic dyes.
So there you have it. A Earth Friendly Easter. Hope yours is lots of fun!

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