Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Mommy Has Been Busy!

Well between school, my son's first birthday ( I can't believe he is already 1!!!), Farmer's Markets, knitting hats and plarn bags, jam making, and harvesting my herb garden I have been a very, very busy girl! I am sorry that the blog has taken a bag seat. So I will update you guys on what I have been up to in the world of green mommying. Unfortunately I was just too busy to be a part of the Sustainability Fair. It turned out to be the weekend after my son's birthday and between exams and other things I couldn't go. I think I will write them though, apologize and ask them to keep me in mind for next year. I am sure it was great though.
For Bug's birthday my mother i law and I took him to a local farm. He got to go on a hay ride, feed cows, learn about farm life, see baby piglets and calves, and buy locally grown produce. We had a blast!

We also have been spending every Saturday at the local Farmer's Market, where some days we only buy an apple but usually come home with lots of locally grown produce.

My plarn bag has also been put on the back burner but it is almost finished so I feel somewhat accomplished there. I did however buy 2 lbs of fresh picked Concord Grapes at the Farmer's Market yesterday and so today I whipped up about 3/4 pint of fresh Concord Grape Jelly. I also whipped up some old fashioned style apple sauce using molasses instead of sugar. Less sugar for my Bug.

So that's how we have been. So in the spirit of the Green Mommy I also have a few tips. As always I am continually promoting North Country Neighbors, as they are my life blood. What better way to shop local and reuse and recycle then buying at a giant flea market. My latest finds were a Nicole Miller bed set with a queen size comforter and a toy chest for Bug. 

We also found a used furniture store which in addition to having everything, and great prices, they take Bear Express (campus money) and have layaway! It was an amazing adventure. The name of the store is "It'll Do Furniture". I would absolutely recommend going. Save a tree.. and buy used furniture!

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