Monday, September 6, 2010

Thoughts On Campus

Sorry the Green Mommy hasn't posted lately but I have been on Campus back in school. Being back in school is equivalent to being smashed in the head with a hammer if you actually listen to conversations around you. Rather than getting annoyed though I smile at their ignorance, remember they are on average almost 10 years younger than I am and laugh it off.
On a Green note though I was very pleased to see several attempts to promote Greener living right here on Campus. First of all the bookstore issued a new policy. They distributed free cloth reusable bags that zip into themselves forming a small wallet sized pouch that is easy to carry. Further more if you bring them back each time you shop, you receive 5% off your total. Also I have seen a surplus of bike racks. The amount has risen form on every two or three buildings to one on every side of every building. My bike has never had it so good! They also are making a concerted effort to go paper free. Several of my professors even emailed me the syllabus. Lastly they sell really nice reusable waterbottles and coffee mugs, which you can have filled at any eatery just as you would a disposable cup. So go you SUNY!!!

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