Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potty Training and Preschool Fun

So it has finally happened. Bug has started seriously potty training. As a hardcore cloth diaper Mom, I will be sad to pack away all his cloth diapers soon. Right now he is still in diapers at night. Today at day care he only had 1 accident and he has been in underwear at home.
Our reward system has been to give him a sticker for going potty and he decided to stick them on his potty, so it is quickly becoming quite well decorated.
I have realized though that so much of what i write about is geared towards babies, or mommies themselves.. but I would like to write this post about Preschoolers.
Bug is now completely what i would call a preschooler. He is completely verbal, he is getting potty trained, he knows his shapes, colors, alphabet, and can count to 20. He can even type on a keyboard if you help him spell out words. I would say at 28 months he is no longer a toddler. So what does this mean exactly? It means that I am going to start homeschooling. Hubby is against homeschooling but he is all for doing the equivalent of homeschooling on our own time to supplement his education. I think that I am going to start this now. I think honestly he would benefit more from me doing preschool work at home with him then going to preschool.
So I set out to find new ways I can expand his education.. and where do you turn for all things kids, crafts, or food? Pinterest (which by the way I have posted the entirety of the Green Mommy Collection on there). So I found these. These are science discovery bottles. There is a whole tutorial for how to do them at
I am going to make the color mix bottle and the density bottle and the float or sink and the beach wave bottle and the beach bottle. I am so excited to make these for Bug.

Next I found this. It is a fun way to let kids go on a letter hunt and then put them back in order. I think I will try this with Bug soon. he tutorial is found at. 

Ok well that is it for tonight but I hope you enjoy playing with your preschoolers. It is an amazing age.

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