Sunday, July 3, 2011

Powder Detergents, Bar Shampoo, Rosemary Oil, Teflon and Capsaicin

I know I know.. that is quite the subject heading. I spent the last few days with about 10 subjects that I want to post about rolling around in my head. Five of them were small so I figured I could put them together in one post. So here goes!
First of all I would like to update on my garden. We are completely 100% organic this year. My basil had contracted a fungal disease so I researched all natural fungicides and found out that the plant sitting right next to the basil was an all natural fungicide. The rosemary plant. So I ground up a few sprigs of rosemary with my mortar and pestle to release the natural oils. I then added a bit of water and poured the mixture around the basil plant. I will update on how it works. I am hoping I have cured my basil plant with the next plant over.
Next topic is Capsaicin. Capsaicin is the chemical in hot peppers which creates the intense heat. It also is a topical all natural pain reliever. I knew that all ready but I had never tried it. For the last few days I have had a second set of wisdom teeth coming in and the pain has been excruciating. Pain kills didn't work, oragel didn't work. So the other day I decided to swish a little redhot just on a whim. It worked!!! My tooth stopped aching. So in a pinch use a hot pepper. :)
Next topic Bar Shampoo and Powder Detergents. These are better for the Earth because you are cutting all the liquid out of them which helps ship more for less and saves both gas and gives yo a product which is more shampoo or detergent for less. We already use all natural Ecos laundry detergent but maybe finding a powder version would be better. As I have been running this blog I have learn almost as much from other Green Mommies as I have been posting from my own knowledge. Like I have said before.. this is my journey to be an even Greener Mom.
The last topic for this post is Teflon. Why is teflon so bad? According to the EPA a chemical used to make teflon has been found in many people. This is a chemical that will stay in your body for years and years even if you stop using teflon, though if you stop no more of it will be built up in you. This chemical PFOA causes cancer, liver damage, growth defects, immune system damage, and death in lab rats and monkeys. Long story short, if you have teflon I would recommend removing it from your kitchen. Especially if cooking for little ones.

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