Thursday, July 21, 2011

Backyard Edibles 3: Pineapple Weed

Yes yes yes!!!!! I found some of my favorite backyard edible. This fragrant little flower tends to only grow in cruddy rocky soil, so it is usually found in driveways... but I have not seen it in mine in the four years we have lived here. Then yesterday I just happen to be at my best friend's mother's house and her whole driveway was covered in it. What is it? Pineapple Weed! Pineapple Weed if you don't know is a small flower related to chamomile that smells exactly like pineapple. It is very wild and grows all over. You harvest it in late July when the flowers appear and like chamomile it makes a wonderful tea. So I turned into a giddy greeny and shrieked "Pineapple Weed!" must to the confusion of everyone there. I picked enough of it for several pots of tea and am drying it now. If you have never tried it I really recommend you do.

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