Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breastfeeding Bashing

I just read an article that made me laugh out loud but not from joy... from the absurdity and ridiculousness. I read an article bashing breastfeeding. The article entitled "Breast is best when it's not in public" by Marissa Mackle. She condemns not only breastfeeding in public but goes on to imply that normal women only breastfeed the first few weeks and then slams celeb breastfeeding supporter Miranda Kerr for her gorgeously done and tasteful portrait of her son breastfeeding. I found it shocking.
Her whole article can be found here: http://www.herald.ie/opinion/columnists/marisa-mackle/marisa-mackle-breast-is-best-when-its-not-in-public-2508344.html
The following is excerpts from her article with my own opinion on her words.
"I hate breastfeeding in public. I mean, really hate it." She begins the article with this sentence. Not only is that horrible writing but it's in poor taste.
"It was supposed to be a fun reunion and I'd really been looking forward to it. It was a girls-only get together, but one lady brought along her baby, explaining how she couldn't get a babysitter. Fair enough. Sometimes babysitters do let you down. But the rest of us had arranged childcare weeks beforehand and I was beginning to think the lunch wouldn't turn out quite as planned. I was right." First of all this kind of thinking is so destructive. Children are not meant to be left at home with sitters. Yes the occasional day out is fun but I did not leave my son anywhere before he was probably 4 months old and that was only because I returned to school. Obviously from how it sounds to me the baby was quite young maybe only a few weeks old. Who leaves a newborn who is breastfeeding at home. Not to mention if the infant was EBF than she couldn't leave him at home. What would he eat????
"Although I personally did not breastfeed my baby after the first couple of weeks....." Ok that is fine but most mothers don't give it up that quickly. From how she wrote that it does not sound like she gave it up because of difficulties but rather it was an inconvenience. I am very tired of reading the viewpoints of "mothers of convenience" as I call them. Drop them with a sitter... don't breastfeed... it's just not convienient.
The part that got me the most though was her tearing down of a new mother who is trying to get support for breastfeeding simply because she is a supermodel. So what? She is a mother first and she has made that clear. She is beautiful so she can't be a what people refer derogatorily to as a "granola Mom"?
"So when Miranda Kerr (an actual Australian supermodel married to actor Orlando Bloom) posted a photo on the internet of herself breastfeeding, I have to admit I felt appalled. Not because she was breastfeeding, but because posting this photo seemed like attention-seeking.
Miranda Kerr is a beautiful woman. She is married to a very handsome man. No doubt the baby is gorgeous, too. I was keen to see what he looked like. I am still none the wiser. I couldn't see the baby's face because it was suckling on his mother's breast. She, with perfect make-up and glossy hair was smiling, not at her baby, but right into the camera lens like a Victoria Secrets' pro.
Kerr was also keen to let her public know that she took no pain relief during her labour. Why she needed to make this detail public knowledge I am not sure. My guess is that her message to all the non-supermodel, non-millionaire mums out there is that, not only does she look far better than any of them, she is just all-round better than them, too. Quite sad, really." 
First of all she isn't looking at the camera but at her husband who took the photo. I have seen that look in all my photos when our son was tiny. It is the look a mother gives to the man who helped her create a life. One full of love. You mamn are jealous that someone else with a career actually is trying to be a good mother. I am sorry but this article got me pretty annoyed. It is one of many that condemns breastfeeding in light of Kerr's statement and picture.

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