Friday, January 7, 2011

Green Mommy in Crisis

For those of you who follow this blog I have some sad news. For over a month now hubby and I have been dealing with our little man being very and probably quite seriously sick. Bug had been sick for a few weeks on and off but we attributed it to a mild cold or teething. He did not seem that sick just kind of sleepy and run down. It was the beginning of December and between finals and Christmas planning we were really swamped and I guess we just hadn't noticed Bug getting sicker.

On December 15th smack dab in between my first two finals and my last one, My MIL, Bug and I were spending time relaxing. My MIL yelled for me to come see something. There was a very very large lump on the side of my tiny little 14 months old son's neck. I then noticed the circle's under his eyes and his flushed cheeks. I burst into tears and asked her if she minded taking us to the hospital. She of course didn't mind. DH was still at work at we could not get a hold of him so we rushed Bug to the ER. We were seen quickly and the ER doctor was quite taken aback by the size of the lump and shot him with a large dose of antibiotics and prescribed more. December 16th I had to reschedule my last final for the following Monday, meaning my break would not start until the week of Christmas. December 17th we took him to his Doctor. The doctor said that it was a viral infection but as it was so big she said she would continue his antibiotics but perscribed a higher dosage. She also ordered bloodwork and tests. So we took Bug to the hospital where he was needled and poked yet again. December 23rd we went back and this time she said that the tests had all come back negative and to continue the antibiotics. We took our little man to see Santa and a family party. Overall he seemed to be getting better but the lump was not going down. December 30th we took him back to the doctor and she said she was going to try another round of antibiotics.At this point he had been to the hospital 2xs and the doctor 3xs. Still no solid answers. January 7th (today) we took him yet again to the doctor and she told us that the antibiotics are doing nothing. She ordered a chest xray, an ultrasound of the lump and an array of tests for everything. So we headed to the hospital for the 3rd time in the last few weeks. On Monday we go back to the doctor for the results of some of the tests and for him to get a TB test and a CT scan.

So all in all we are looking at hundreds of dollars in doctor bills and hospital bills even after our insurance, and we still know nothing. Our baby boy is so sick and I am beside myself. Amidst all this we had Christmas, friends getting in car accidents, horrible mean neighbors, school work, finals, financial aide drama, possibly having to take a semester off to care for Bug and family drama. Thank God for My MIL who has been my rock through all of this. DH and I are just beside ourselves. DH is so worried. He isn't able to deal with this... Bug is our whole world. All in all we ask for prayers. If I do have to take the semester off to stay home with Bug this spring we will be down to one paycheck with looming doctor bills and no student loans to help out. I honestly do not know what we are going to do money wise.. but Bug's health is most important. I may start knitting kids hats and making breastfeeding jewelry to help pay the bills. I will post updates as we find out more.

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