Saturday, April 12, 2014

Earth Month Is Here And It Brought With It The Sun

Winter began this year in October. By December we had record lows in the negatives, which is unusual for so early in the winter. Winter ended, well is ending, this week. It is almost the 3rd week of April already and here we are just now seeing the last of the snow melting. My whole side yard is still buried in the stuff. On Sat of last week we had a blizzard and temperatures in the 20's.
That being said though, this whole week the temperatures stayed around 55-65, and mostly the snow and ice have finally gone. Bug and I were finally able to pick up our yard and get the garden at least beginning to be prepped for this summer. It has been hard to think Green when all you see is White but it would seem spring is finally here.

I finally was able to get the windchimes back outside and even made a new wreath for the door from leftovers from the baby shower decor. Happy Spring Everyone.. think WARM!

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