Saturday, January 12, 2019

Age Defying Eye Cream DIY

So my latest DIY project was Age Defying Eye Cream. For long time followers of my blog and those of you who can add, this blog turns 10 years old this year!! That means that I turn 36 this year. Now I am far from a vain person.... but alas even I have to admit at a certain age you start to try to at least slow the ravages of time and lie to yourself that you still look 21. But eyecreams can cost between 25 and 200$ for a tiny jar. So I did some research. The consensus was that caffeine and frankincense are the keys to anti aging. So the first step was to make coffee infused almond oil.

Then after it was infused I strained it out and poured it back in the bottle. It looked almost black and smelled like a strong coffee.

Then you melt in a double boiler beeswax, frankincense oil,  the coffee oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. 
In the end this is how it turned out. It smells like a mocha!

I think I may offer it for sale if anyone wants some.

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