Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Little Artist (Letting Kids Be Themselves)

My son, Bug has never shown much interest in sports, or most group activities. He instead liked to draw, paint, study science and math. I have always just let him find his own path, and trusted that he would follow those activities which made him happy.
Well a few days ago he brought home a letter from his Art Teacher saying his artwork was entered in a small art show. We were invited to attend. I was excited and proud even if it seemed like this was just a cute little grade school art show that probably displayed most if not all the school children's art.
When we arrived at the art show, we were stunned. It was artwork from children between UPK and 8th grade from every school in the County.  Each school district was allowed to submit an art piece from at most 16 students across those 9 grades. From Bug's Elementary school there were only 5 students selected from UPK through 2nd grade. Bug was 1 of those 5. I was so taken aback. I had no clue. When we found his artwork I was even more stunned. It was so beautiful. I was amazed that a first grader, MY first grader could make something that nice.
He found his passion, found something he loves! In an area where sports are pushed on pretty much every kid, especially boys, my kid said, "No, I like to paint". He is really good at it too! I am so beyond proud of him!

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