Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Journey To Breastmilk Jewelry

Last August I wrote this post on Breastmilk Jewelry. One of the companies I wrote about was Babybee Hummingbirds. I remained really interested in the idea of commemorating my children and my time as a breastfeeding mother with these unique gems. However it wasn't until Christmas that I finally decided to go ahead and do it. Hubby bought me my first Pandora bracelet. It had only 2 charms on it, a "weeping angel" and the "TARDIS". I loved it but I wanted to continue to personalize it. I realized this was the perfect time to get breastmilk gems made. Right around that time a dear friend sent me money to have one bead made from Babybee Hummingbirds. Considering they run 50$ a piece this was an incredibly generous gift. She is so wonderful! I still have to think of a way to repay her kindness. So I finally decided that with her gift I could afford two beads, one for/from each child. I along with the creator of Babybee Hummingbirds, Amy McGlade designed two beads both made from my breastmilk, each with a first curl from each kid, one tinted sapphire the other emerald. 
I decided that the best option was the Pandora style "first curl" gems. 
So I paid the 100$ for the two beads and then mailed her as per her instructions, my breastmilk and a "first curl" from each of my babies. Bug's had been saved in his baby book. Munch's I had to snip from her head since she has never had a haircut. 
I waited about 2 weeks before I checked in with Amy. She said my package had arrived. Over the next few weeks she worked on crafting my beads (along with many others I am sure). After about a total 6 weeks... approximately, she told me she had mailed them out. She was so sweet through the whole process, always working with me to answer any questions of help out in anyway she could. I was over the moon knowing my beads were finally on their way. After about another 10 days or so finally on Friday of this last week they arrived. 
They were everything I had envisioned and then some! I was in awe. I took pictures of the unboxing, so without further ado here is the long awaited end to my journey to hold a small part of my babies with me always and honor my gift to them that is breastfeeding.
Amy included this sweet note in the package. 

How beautiful is this box? So delicately and sweetly done.

And here they are! Bug and Munch immortalized in a beautiful symbol of love!

I will admit from last summer until now my opinion of breastmilk jewelry has changed a lot but now that I have crossed that line, I am simply in awe of these beautiful gems. I really can not express how lovely they truly are and how amazing it feels to hold that bit of them with me always.
Thank you sooo much Amy! and my friend "K" who paid for one of the beads. You both are amazing and I just can not express my love and gratitude.

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