Sunday, April 19, 2015

Green Toys

So when I say Green Toys, you may think a toy that is durable, maybe made in the USA, possibly made from recycled materials? Well there is a actual brand of toys called "Green Toys" that is all of those things! Green Toys are made from recycled milk jugs in the USA and are an incredibly heavy duty durable plastic that is also very clean and safe.

I recently heard of this brand and had become a little obsessed. I wanted to try them out but did not really have a reason because all of my daughter's birthday gifts had already been bought. I had one toy in mind particularly, the "Stacker". At 15$ for such a great toy it is pretty reasonable but still until Christmas I didn't really have a reason to buy it or any other Green Toy for that matter. So as much as I wanted to write a post about them I knew it would have to wait at least a little while.

Well today I got a nice little surprise in my daughter's Citrus Lane box for April. It was the exact Stacker toy I had wanted to get her. I couldn't believe it! It was an Earth Day miracle!
She loved it! I could not get over the high quality of these toys! Thick, strong, durable plastic in bright colors. I now want to try their new line of "Green Eats" kids dishware. I would recommend these toys to anyone. Not only high quality but helping our planet too!

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