Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Beginnings... Again

Dearest Readers, I am back! I am so sorry. I started this year with the best of intentions and alas between illness, family drama, severe family illness, job drama, and searching for and finding a new career path.. I have been a bit busy and sidetracked the last few months. On a happier note, while life is not going to slow down anytime soon, it is for good reasons instead of bad ones. My best friend is due exactly 2 months from today. My sweet Rainbow Baby turns 1 in 2 months from next Sunday. My new job starts in a little over a month. Easter is in 2 weeks from today. So much to look forward to.
So yes I am starting a new job and this time I finally am going to be a Lead Teacher with my own classroom. I am so beyond excited. I see this as the opportunity to finally give my all to my job, and do something that truly is rewarding. I am not only going to be a lead teacher but also help run a Garden program with the older children during the summers. This truly is going to be a wonderful opportunity. I am going to be able to enrich little lives a little more everyday and help them to grow.
Speaking of growing, our garden is underway, at least as far as seed starting goes. It is still very cold here though. The average daytime high is still between 25 and 40 degrees F. So needless to say we are still under a good deal of snow. Hopefully in a few weeks I can actually start tilling and composting/fertilizing the gardens.
So here is to New Beginnings.. and new posts. Spring Days are coming :)

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