Friday, March 27, 2015

More Fluff... My Addiction Confession

Well it happened.. it took one whole kids being potty trained and another one almost a year old before I succumbed to the fever of fluff but I am now officially addicted. What finally gave me the excuse for it was that I start a new job as a lead teacher in a few weeks and Sweetbaby will be in my class (if we can get subsidies). So I need enough diapers to where I can leave at least 10 at the daycare all the time (trading them out as she wears them) and still have enough at home. Well I found a new company. They are a china based company... yes I know.. bad bad. I would only buy WAHM made ones if I could afford it but I can't. Anyway this company is the same quality as Alvababy but the they are less known so they are offering sets of 6 diapers (each set has different prints) and one random wet bag for 35$. My first order came in and I was really impressed and in love.. so I immediately bought another set. I am cutting myself off at the 12 but I could see myself buying many more. I have willpower though so I will stop. So without further ado here are the adorable prints I got.
Here are the first 6 I got and the random wet bag. The next six I don't actually have yet but they should be here soon. I am excited to see what my other wet bag will look like. How cute are these prints???!

I love love love this wet bag. 
It has two pockets so you can pack clean and dirty diapers in the same bag!

So here are the other 6 prints. I am so excited to have them come. The Christmas diaper we actually already have though so we are giving it to my best friend who is due in 8 weeks!

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