Friday, November 14, 2014

Shameless Fluff Piece

LOL Yes this is a Fluff Piece in more ways than one. We got Fluff Mail this week. the five new Alvababy diapers I bought came. Now don't get me wrong I know that they are made in China and I know that they undersell American made WAHM diapes but we buy those too, however if I didn't buy from places like Alvababy, we could not afford to cloth diaper. Not only are their diapers cute and affordable, but they are one of the highest quality diapers on the market and in my opinion hold up better than many companies like Bum Genius. You never know what you are going to get with a WAHM unless you have ordered from them a few times, but you always know what to expect with Alvababy.
The one WAHM Mom run company though that I love is called Babycoon Designs. She makes almost exclusively "geek culture" kids and baby clothes and diapers. My all time favorite pocket diaper and favorite fitted diaper that we own are both Babycoon. Her quality is on par with Alvababy, though more expensive, worth every penny. She is also a local company to where I live and very approachable. She always helps out a customer and goes the extra mile to make sure her fans and customers are super happy.
My other favorite 11 pockets that we own are all Alvababy. We own tons more in various brands and quality levels but those 12 (11 alva, 1 babycoon) are my favorite.
So without further ado.. some cute diaper pics to oggle.

Here is our 11 Alvababy pockets and our one Babycoon pocket.

And here are the 5 new Alvababy Pockets we just got. I love Fluff Mail... don't you?

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