Sunday, September 21, 2014

To My Bug On The Night Before Your Fifth Birthday

I am sorry I haven't be posting much the last few weeks but getting a kindergartner off to his first weeks of school while planning and pulling off an amazing TMNT themed party (post on that later), staying home with a 3 month old and on top of that getting ready to return to work, let's just say it's been a bit busy.
That being said tomorrow is Bug's 5th Birthday. I have done one of these every year for five years now. A letter to my son.
To Bug on the Eve of your 5th Birthday:
I love you. To me those mere words can never truly portray how much I feel for you. The moment I saw that test turn positive I was hopelessly achingly in love with you. I wanted so badly for you to be safe and in my arms. I waited for 9 months anxiously, sure we would lose you. Then suddenly there you were, all 9 lbs 7 ounces of you. You were my son, my Mamma's Boy, my angel love, my sweet man, my Bug.
This year was a biggie for you. We woke up on you birthday last year on your birthday and got your party all set up. While setting up your Godmother brought me a test and within just a few seconds our world was turned upside down. You were going to be a BIG Brother. I know losing your other sister was as hard for you as it was for us. Daddy and I were as scared as you were to trust and love this new baby. But as the weeks passed Mommy kept getting bigger. For you though we saw pre k not go very well, we had the discouraging task of choosing to stay or pull you out. You chose to leave. We took up homeschooling you and together you and I and Daddy waited and watched for your baby sister to arrive. You got to see her ultrasound the day we found out what she was going to be. Then after weeks and months of waiting she was here. Your baby sister had arrived.
I can honestly say you know love when you see your first born fall in love with their new sister or brother. You have been just the most amazing big brother. You can make her smile with just a few sounds or words. She already loves you so much.
You lost your first tooth this year too. That was a big day! Chomp in that apple an that wiggly tooth was no more.
You started kindergarten this year. You are growing so fast and I for one just stand back amazed at all you do. You are simply amazing. All in all I hope your day is wonderful. I hope you always remember your fifth birthday.

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