Sunday, June 22, 2014

Breastfeeding and Bedsharing

Well they say the best made plans of mice and men...
That was me with both kids. With Bug I was sure he was going to co sleep in a cradle next to our bed. On day 2 of being home he began bedsharing with us. It just felt right. I didn't know anyone else who did it and has read all the info on why it was "sure death" for your baby, so I didn't know what to do. Then I started doing to research and found out bedsharing is better for over all family heath, breastfeeding successfully, and reduces baby stress and regulates breathing of both Mom and baby which can stop SIDS. We successfully and safely bedshared until 9 months and then as needed until Bug was 4.5.
Then I was determined again that despite our good experience with Bug, River would sleep in a bassinet by our bed. Every night was a battle. She would scream as soon as I would lay her down. It went against everything I felt as a Mom, against everything my instincts told me to do. So I started to bedshare. Bug was sleeping in his own bed now so I knew she would be safe, but still I slept in spurts. Now at almost 1 month old she sleeps next to me almost all night every night. It just feels RIGHT. I don't tell anyone to bedshare unless they feel it is right for them. Co sleeping (in the same room) is enough to help keep a baby happy and calm usually. I am very against babies sleeping by themselves in a crib in another room but I feel co sleeping is generally enough for most people. However for us bedsharing is the way we live. It just works for our family.
Another aspect of baby life we have been working on has been breastfeeding. It has been a battle this time around but I think after all my hard work and determination we have finally started to fix the latching issue and I even have started saving milk. I am so proud. This is my freezer right now. Each bag has between 5 and 10 ounces in it and there are currently 7 bags. I am so proud of myself.

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