Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Updated Look at Cloth Diapers

Well here we are. Our rainbow girl is 1 month old today. Who would have thought we would ever get here! So I thought now that we are 1 month back into the world of fluff buttedness and that the last time I had a kid in cloth dipes was spring of 2012, that maybe things have changed a bit.
This time around we have a lot more variety of diapers. We are using prefolds and covers, pockets in a variety of brands (baby coon, bumgenius, kawaii, alvababy, sunbaby, happy flute...etc...), fitteds, g diapers (borrowed because she was so small at first), and a few nb sized all in ones. So far although pockets are always going to be my favorites, since she is so small the g diapers actually have been a life saver. They are rather annoying to wash though. Having to unsnap and resnap all those diapers is a pain. Each diaper has three separate parts. The bumgenius dipes we have now are snap ones and I most definitely think they have changed them for the better. I hated that they used to be velcro. Alvababy and sunbaby are still my favorites. This time around though we have a ton of the knotty bums, which were created by my friend the owner of Coopadilly Creations. These are fleece covers that knot around a diaper. They are a lifesaver on leaks and are so cute too. I think the biggest thing I am learning this time around is no one type or brand of diaper that can handle a baby from birth to potty training. I am glad to have built up such a large collection from when Bug potty trained to now. As she grows though I am sure I will have favorites. Right now though I love anything that can adjust from nb size and grow with them. Any diaper that can do double and even triple duty is a good diaper!!!

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