Saturday, March 8, 2014

Asya Rose's 1st Angelversary

Well March 4th 2014 was one year to the day since I gave birth to our daughter in our bathtub. It was a natural water birth, and was wonderful in almost every way except for that she was born at 14 weeks and was already gone. That life that had grown inside me for 4 months was just blinked out. All in all though that day is one I look back on positively. It was beautiful to hold my baby in my hands, even if she was born sleeping, and was so tiny and lifeless. This year I spent the 4th thinking about that day. I looked at her roses, I sent prayers and thoughts to her in heaven. I felt her little sister kicking away inside of me, and hugged her big brother. All in all I felt at peace. It was a very long and hard year, with great pain and great joy. Now as I am almost 30 weeks with River I am over joyed to finally be able to bring our Rainbow Baby home, but also at peace with my Angel Baby in Heaven.

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