Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Wild Year: From Green to Black to Rainbow

I apologize to anyone who has not liked that this year the focus of this blog has swung from mostly about Green Living, to one family's struggle with loss and recovery and finally now.. a journey (hopefully) to a new baby. I began this year on January 1st, about 7 weeks pregnant, and had just lost my Grandmother the night before. Here I am looking down the barrel at Thanksgiving, Christmas and yes New Years again, this time I am currently almost 13 weeks pregnant and hoping to start 2014 with the 2nd half of a pregnancy that will end with my beautiful rainbow baby coming home to us. Last night I found the heartbeat on my home doppler for a good 10 seconds. It is beyond calming to be able to listen at home every few days. I try not to use it too often but I really do need the reassurance. If I had to go 4 weeks, or even 2 weeks without knowing how the baby was doing I would lose my mind.
Yet alas life does go on apart from growing a new life inside of me, I have begun the annual Handmade Christmas Gift  insanity. Between crocheting, knitting, sculpting and sewing, candle making and other crafting... I am slowly assembling the gifts for all our friends and family. I will be showing you all the pictures like every year. For right now though I would like to share 2 ornaments I made for our tree this year. They are to symbolize and honor the two very important people we lost since last Christmas. One is for my Grandmother, the other Asya Rose.
This one is in honor of my Grandmother. I am going to print out a picture of her and put it in it and then do another layer of the gloss spray. I think when it is all done it will look really nice.

This one is for Asya Rose. I sculpted a remembrance ribbon and then sculpted a tiny baby foot print and a red rose. The ribbon has her birth/death date on it as well. I am really kind of proud of how it turned out. So now our tree will always honor these two special people that we loved very much.

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