Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sorry I have been MIA, It's been a bit crazy...

Well let me start off this post by saying, if you have been following this blog this year you have seen our trials and tribulations. I have often found in the last year that I just have nothing to say to my readers, or am too tired or sad to do so. This time though.. this lull... was for a happy reason. We are expecting baby number 3 in May. I am so nervous and trying so hard to be hopeful. This is technically our 5th pregnancy, and the 3rd to make it past 5 weeks. I am currently 7 weeks along. In 2 more weeks we get to go in for another ultrasound. We had the first one at 5 weeks. I feel like every day we stay pregnant is a miracle, a tiny victory. A win over infertility. We found out on Bug's 4th birthday, just like he said we would. I took 4 tests over a week just to make sure. To say we are happy, doesn't even begin to describe how we feel, but with happy comes scared, scared that this will be another angel baby instead of our long awaited rainbow baby. I decided to pass the time of my first trimester by hand crocheting a rainbow baby blanket for our baby. It is a great way to focus on the positive and the future. I know better than a lot of people the frailty of life and how fragile it can all be, how quickly it can all disappear... but I am praying and hoping that our rainbow baby is healthy and strong.

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