Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good News: Moving Forward

Well at our appointment yesterday I was again reminded that these new doctors, this new midwife, that they are not the same people we had with Asya Rose and that they were not going to treat us with the same callousness and cruelty that we suffered with our last doctor. This is the doctor who saved my life by demanding I get a pretty much emergency D and C. This is the doctor that performed that surgery and announced I had been pretty infected but that I was all good now. This is the doctor who put us on a schedule to wait and then a schedule for TTC, that worked and in 2 months after we start TTC we were pregnant (A FIRST EVER!). This is the doctor that when I was pregnant told me to come in ASAP so they could make sure everything was ok. I was only 4 weeks. My last doctor (the one I feel was responsible for the death of my daughter because she did nothing to help me after I fell down that flight of stairs) refused to even see me until 9 weeks even though I was high risk with a history of miscarriage. Lastly this is the doctor who set me up with a midwife and let me come up with a birth plan that although I will be having a c-section will let me be as close to the baby and comfortable as I can be. My midwife is amazing and kind and wonderful as is all the staff there. The best news of all though is now I will have to be giving birth in the hospital of that town and not here, which given how awful ours is... is good news. I love their hospital, it is clean, calm, comfy, homey. It doesn't resemble a morgue like ours does.
So anyway enough about how amazing my new doctor, midwife and hospital are. Onto the news about our wonderful 3rd child or Monkey as I have come to start calling it. Aleksandr was (is) Bug, Asya was Sugarbaby, and this one is Monkey. Anyway Monkey is doing great. perfect even. We were assured no bleeds, no worry spots, nothing. Just a healthy 9 week baby with a strong heartbeat. We were even able to get a video of the heart beating and Hubby was able to hear it with me which was a first for him. Due to a refusal by our doctor with Asya she refused to listen to the heartbeat for us at 10 weeks and then didn't schedule our next appt until 16 weeks and as you all know... she was gone at 14 weeks. So sadly we never got that joy with her. With Aleks our midwife started listening to his heart around 10 weeks but Hubby never got to come with me until I had already brought home a recording of the heartbeat for him to listen to. He did get to hear it other times with him, but it wasn't that first time. This was amazing for both me and Hubby. We watched as our little monkey danced and squirmed. All I can say is I truly need this baby to live.

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