Sunday, September 22, 2013

To My Bug On Your 4th Birthday

I have written one of these posts to you my Bug every year around your birthday. I wrote this one for your First Birthday, this one for your Second Birthday, and this one for your Third Birthday. Now it is your 4th birthday I am torn between a need to see you return to my little baby, and rejoicing in your newest milestones. You recently started school and I am so so proud of you. You at no point were scared or reluctant, you faced school head on and are excelling already. I have never seen you hesitate with anything in your 4 years of life. I have seen you take on the world like a whirlwind. You are smart, sometimes scary smart. You are courageous and independent. You are beautiful inside and out. I am so proud to be your mother. Four years ago you were born. I remember they had doctor after doctor introducing themselves and reminding me this could result in my death. I just kept thinking... I don't care just save him. They were so unsure of his actual size or what they would find. Turned out all the worry was for nothing.... just like I knew it would be. You were born at 9 lbs 7 ounces, well below the almost 12 or so lbs they had estimated you to be. You were perfect. Daddy and I held hands through the whole thing and sobbed when we heard you cry for the first time. They say when you fall in love the other person completes you, but I can honestly say Daddy and I love each other more than life itself but that day, in that moment we were both complete. The missing piece of our family puzzle was in our arms. Bug, you complete us. Watching you grow, change...become the little man you are today... has been the single greatest joy of my life. I love you.

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