Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st Came In a Whisper

Well here we are. September 1st. Asya Rose's due date. A day that held so much promise 9 months ago when we first learned of our happy little addition to our family. My husband and I are trying, but not trying. We are trying in the sense that when it happens it will happen and we are not preventing, but we have given up the ovulation predictors, the testing, the charting... and most of all hope. Now I don't say that to say I am sad. Far from it. It is just that we have chosen to be realistic. We have had two beautiful children, one who is with us everyday and one who in up in heaven. We also have had two other losses too early to really count as our children. So for us this October marks 5 years since we began our journey of TTC which resulted in 4 pregnancies, and only 1 child. For us if and when it happens it will be a blessing but we are not waiting around for it to happen.
For me September 1st holds more meaning in the fact that in a few days Bug will be in Pre K everyday, riding a bus to and from school everyday. He will be turning 4 years old in 21 days and I will be celebrating my 30th birthday in 17 days.
Here he is running for the bus on Visiting Day.

We have so much produce coming out of the garden everyday. I have been canning every weekend as much as I can. Banana peppers, green peppers, tomatoes, dilly beans, dill pickles, sweet pickled beets.
Yesterday I even made squash chips for snacking. Just salt and pepper in the dehydrator and they came out fabulous.

We have been making our own ice cream from frozen bananas, almond milk and fresh local blueberries too, and just the other day we made pasta from nothing but veggies out of our garden (and pasta of course).

Our Pumpkins are turning orange and everyday it is fun to see them turning a little more orange. Our watermelon are getting bigger and more ripe, almost ready to be picked.

Most of all we have been spending most Saturday mornings enjoying the local Farmer's Market. The friends, sun, good local food, and even sometimes outdoor music to add to the overall fun of the day. I can not think of a better place to go on a Saturday in August or September.

So I suppose I can say that September 1st has come and gone, just as my little girl came into our lives and was so quickly gone. Though it was a day filled with promise, it now holds for me a new sort of promise, one of warm days, chilled nights, leaves changing, pumpkins turning orange and all the fresh tomatoes we can eat. It holds the promise of new changes, laughs and challenges and twists and turns on this road we call life. This has been a truly challenging year but as it begins to draw to a close I see new hopes in the next one. Happy September Everyone!

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