Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fashion? Art? Or Sexploitation!

I was reading the following article The Violent Exploitation of Women in Fashion. It shows just the most graphic images found in fashion ads, depicting sex abuse, violent acts, even rape and murder of women to sell shoes, belts, purses, and clothing. This was beyond disturbing. It's funny but a few times this summer I have been in conversations with other women about fashion, the fashion industry, and my thoughts on clothing. First off I make a lot of my own clothes. I don't really so much care what I wear as long as it looks good on me, but most of my clothes I do not make are second hand, or bought more for durability and comfort than style. So I don't read fashion mags, I don't know designers, and honestly seeing these ads made me sick. I work with children and have a 3 yr old son so most of my clothes are always covered in food or dirty, I garden so I am often covered in soil, I can't wear makeup or perfume due to my job, and my own allergies. I am not the core demographic for these images, but really I have to ask because I am confused. Who is? Who is the core demographic for these images? What woman sees these things and says to herself "Yes I need to spend 300$ on a pair of shoes because I want to be raped and murdered by a man." Am I alone here? Is the fashion industry just that beyond me? I have never in my life walked into any store and said "those stiletto heels and that mini dress that cost more than 6 months rent ... that is the look I am going for." Knowing that those same fashion trends are advertised through sex, murder and rape, only makes the entire idea seem that much more ludicrous. I often find that a big chunk of women don't vote, which I find reprehensible given what our sisters in the past had to do to win the right to vote. I often see women standing up for rapists, and perpetuation rape culture, female politicians stating that women should not have say over their own bodies. Now again women are perpetuation this horrible industry, all in the name of what, a lack of self esteem that causes you to NEED to spend your hard earned money so that you can NEED a man to say you are pretty? It is sick and as women we need to stop this NOW!

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