Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Life: Finding Myself Again

So somewhere amidst the constant stream of family get together's, play dates, birthday parties, and beach days, I found myself again. I have had my gardens do exceptionally well this year so far and so I have already canned pickled beets, pickled radish snaps, and pickled squash.
As I sat at my kitchen table this morning, plucking radish snaps off the vine to pickle, sweet pickle brine simmering on the stove,  Bug playing quietly on the floor with his toy dinosaurs, NPR on the radio, and a cold breeze blowing in the window while the rain poured down softly, I felt right. It all clicked that here I am just 5 weeks away from what would have been my due date, and I somehow am happy again.
Life has cycled around and a big part of that has been my garden. There is something so exquisitely healing about creating life. You plant a seed, give it some love, some water, some sun and it gives you joy, air, and food. You live in a symbiotic relationship. Being able to create life somewhere in lieu of giving my daughter a life has given me peace.

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