Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Before Valentine's Day 2012 I had never really given roses a second thought, now a little over a year later my life is so full of roses I couldn't imagine a day without their beauty.
I am simply a wildflower girl. My favorites being Queen Anne's Lace and Dandelions and Lilacs (lilacs up here are so common they are basically a wildflower tree at this point, they spring up everywhere). I hated tulips, roses ect. I have a soft spot for carnations but even those I don't like as much as wildflowers. I can spot a daisy or black eyed susan at a distance but ask me the name of a man crafted flower and I am at a loss. I am a country girl wild child. Before Valentine's Day 2012 I had only used roses once and that was in our wedding bouquet, a wedding bouquet that prominently displayed Queen Anne's Lace and only used roses because they were the closest flower to black I could find.
Then on Feb 14th 2012 Hubby bought me a small pot of miniature roses. I had never really cared for roses and was sure they would soon die. They almost did.. but I saved them over and over and somehow got them to thrive over the year. That summer I first noticed the roses growing wild (yes growing wild) all through my front yard. I do not know how they got there or who planted them, but they had never been there before last summer. I at first thought about cutting them down, but then I decided against it. I left them where they were and thought nothing of it.

For my birthday that year my friend bought me 6 pairs of dainty metal rosebud earrings in various colors. For Valentine's Day 2013 Hubby again bought me roses which I planted alongside the other ones, now having pink and red roses in the same big pink pot.

Then February 28th 2013 we found out we had lost Asya. I do not know why but I just knew that if I was able to have an actual birth I would bury her in the roses.
On March 4th 2013, my Mother in Law brought us a beautiful bouquet of delicate roses in honor of Asya and her birthday. We knew she would be born that day. She was indeed born that day and we buried her in the rose pot. We then selected the name Asya Rose.

After Mother's Day this year Hubby and I bought a third pot of roses, this time yellow and planted them in Asya's pot. And then this morning I went out to the garden and saw that not only is Asya's pot of roses flourishing and blooming but that the roses that sprang up in our yard are FILLED with blossoms about to bloom and have taken over most of my front yard now. They are truly beautiful. I can honestly say roses in a little over a year have become one of my most cherished things in the world and every time I see one I think of my daughter. I think of rebirth and I think of life.

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