Monday, June 3, 2013

Do It Yourself Kid's Tees

So two years ago my son had been given several dino tees that he LOOOOVED! He wore them everywhere. However they were beginning to get a bit snug and by this summer they were downright too small. So I thought about what it would take to replace them and I knew it would involve a really long internet search and probably 10$ each per tee. Then I remembered some cloth dino appliques a friend gave me. It had on it 4 very large dinos (also some smaller ones too). I decided that I would just make Bug the dino shirts he wanted and bonus with a biologist Mom, the dino names will be correct and spelled right too which is a bonus. So I bought some fusible webbing which was about 2$ for 2 yds. I bought a rainbow pack of puffy fabric paint which was about 10$ and I bought 6 t-shirts ( I will explain why 6), size small kids (5-6) at the Dollar Tree.
So 4 of the shirts I designed with the dinosaur appliques.
 Apatosaurus in green and blue

 Triceratops on a white shirt that I tie dyed with water and fabric paint.

T-Rex on yellow with green

Steggy on orange with yellow

So then with the other two I decided to make my own appliques. I asked Bug what other shirts he might like and he said a Batman shirt and a fuzzy teddy bear shirt. So for the batman shirt I made an applique of yellow cloth on a black t shirt and then hand drew the symbol in pencil and painted it with black fabric paint. I then touched it up and traced the design with black fabric paint.

Then with the Teddy bear shirt I cut out the face pieces from fake fur cloth and sewed it all together and then stitched it to the shirt. I finished off the face with button eyes and a nose. 

After we were all done with it I bought two more shirts both woman's sizes, one for me and one for my MIL. The one for me I used a smaller dino decal on and painted it with the words "Dino Mommy". The one for my MIL I painted with Bug's handprints and gave it to her as her Mother's Day gift.

All in all we spent less than 20$ in supplies to make 6 kids shirts and 2 adult shirts. Considering most adult shirts run around 12-20$ each and kid shirts run 5-10$ I figure I saved myself roughly 80$.

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