Saturday, May 4, 2013

International Bereaved Mother's Day

So Mother's Day can be a tough time for those mothers who have never had a live child, or who have had at least one live child but also lost one or more. That is why they have begun International Bereaved Mother's Day. It takes place the Sunday before Mother's Day, so that falls on May 5th this year. The project was started by this woman. She runs a blog that helps heal bereaved parents. Some of you have followed my sad story. You rejoiced with us when we announced our joy and wept with us when we buried Asya. This week I get to celebrate both my children. I get to rejoice in the fact that though the world sees one child, my heart knows two. So join us tomorrow to celebrate our lost little ones. We miss them so but they still are loved.
You can find Pregnancy and Child Loss bracelets and jewelry here. You can find the IBMD FB page here.

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