Friday, April 19, 2013

Organic Gardening Tip 4: Best Organic Fertilizers

So when you are organic gardening the first thing you wonder is what can I use as fertilizers?
Well the answers go from the extreme and hard to find such as bat guano and seabird poop, to the more logical dried seaweed, to the simple and easy like compost, fish guts, a raw egg, or even urine. I have tried all of these (except the guano). The main ones I use in my garden are compost and urine. They just work the best. I add the compost in the spring mixing a huge amount into each garden bed. Then after that I water once a week with urine water. (For more details on that I will refer you to the post I did last spring on the topic). For us this has worked great. The only exception being that roses do not respond well to urine. For my roses I use fish. It works great. Happy gardening.

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