Sunday, April 21, 2013

Green Mommy Garden Update

I thought with all the gardening tips I have been doing I would at least do a post on my own garden. Bug and I have been hard at work preparing the garden for this year. This year we are going to grow/ have planted garlic, onions (2 varieties), chives, thyme, basil, lavender, chamomile, mint, strawberries, peppers (3 varieties), peas, green beans, dill, sunflowers, daisies, marigolds, other flowers... I forgot which ones, tomatoes (2 varieties), cherry tomatoes, potatoes, aloe, roses, eggplant, squash (3 varieties), gourds, zucchini  beets, cilantro, ... I think that is it.. not sure. Here is a pic of everything happily growing in my hallway and window seat waiting for June. 

Today Bug and I woke up to a sunny blue sky and temperatures around 50 degrees so we decided to get the garden prepped. We emptied the compost bin into the wheelbarrow and spread half into the garden bed and half into the stump bed. 
These are now ready for planting once it gets warm enough to do so. I also took apart all the fencing and repaired it, bent it back into shape and fixed any holes. You can see in the pic above how nice and straight it looks. Then I got out all our garden decor and checked out my daylillies.

Then I went into the backyard to work on our yard decor for around our patio table and flower gardens. I finished the lanterns that I had started a few weeks back. I used food coloring and white glue to paint glass mason jars to look like beach glass. I then attached them to the last piece of Bug's old crib and viola! a beautiful lantern holder to light up our patio table at night.

All in all our garden is coming along great! It was a wonderful day full of sun, dirt, and compost, and crafting! Spring is here and I am very happy.

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