Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Earth Month Organic Gardening Tip 1: Saving Water

Now last year we had a drought. A really bad one. It wiped out crops and decimated most people's gardens. Ours survived if you remember because we saved our bath water every day and watered the garden with it. We normally save our rain water but what use is that if there is no rain. So the tip I am going to share with you today is one I found on pinterest and am excited to try this year. You can build slow releasing water spikes out of recycled water bottles. Like the picture shown you simply cut off the bottle of the bottle and drill a hole or two into the cap on the top. Then bury the inverted bottle or bottles (if it's throughout your garden) in the soil in between crops and when you water your garden the bottles will also fill up and slowly release water should you say forget a day or the summer drought is really awful. The extra water in your garden won't just evaporate into the soil it will slowly continue to water the plants, flowers and crops you worked so hard to plant. I am going to do this this year and I will be excited to let you all know how well it worked. Have a great day and until tomorrow... live green.

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