Thursday, March 28, 2013

We would have been 18 weeks...

Well here we are. 18 weeks. Well we would have been anyway. This Sunday. We would have been going in for an ultrasound to determine sex, and instead we have an ultrasound set for Friday night to make sure all the pieces are out. That would make me even more upset unless I knew for sure Asya was born whole. Which she was. As it is, going in being asked to do an ultrasound after the lst one determined your beautiful baby was dead, and worst of all on the what would have been date of a gender scan. Sigh. It's almost more than I can handle right now.
I finally bought myself a grommet press for garb making and more snaps to do the birthing doll I am donating for the GCDC. I am trying to get that done along with a lot of other things going on.. taking it one day at a time. I finally did get the birthstone ring for Asya Rose. I now proudly display both my kids on my finger even though one is in heaven. I have so many Easter crafts and happy pictures to post about but I felt I needed to say this stuff. Anyway I will leave you with a picture of my ring now and then I will begin posting about happier things.

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